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Safe dining is our No 1 priority

Our Covid-19 policy

We want to keep our customers and staff safe so we take the COVID-19 virus seriously. All food and drink in the restaurant is pre-ordered and will be served to your table before you sit down. Once in your sterile area you will be served extra items using a tray from which you collect your drinks. Your area should not be compromised.

To this aim we are using a two touch technique. In other words all products served to you will only have ever been touched by two people before you receive them. We will endeavour to keep this policy in place throughout your stay.

  • The kitchen and bar will be regarded as a sterile area.
  • All service is by waiter.
  • All waiters will wear gloves which will be sanitised on a regular basis.
  • Once an item has left the bar/kitchen it will not be returned.
  • The area in which you will be seated will be regarded on a sterile area for your use only and will be positioned away from other areas at a government recommended distance. We serve food on disposable plates with disposable cutlery.
  • All drinks are served in disposable receptacles. You can buy your own glass but please take it with you and bring it with you next time you visit or we will have to dispose of it after your use.
  • Our beers, wines and ciders are served in bottles only and once they have left the bar they are not returned again. Please take any unused bottles of drink with you.

Once you have finished your meal/drink the area will be cleaned and cleared with the used items taken from the premises and put in the appropriate recycling bin. Please note we are an environmentally friendly premises. All our products and the items we use are recyclable. All efforts are made to keep our philosophy on protecting the environment our priority.

At Y Glyn we operate a one way system outside and within the premises. There is one entrance and one exit. Our toilets are positioned in appropriate places and have waiting areas appropriately distanced outside of them.

Hand sanitisers are positioned at relevant places outside and inside the building. Our extensive garden also operates a similar entrance and exit policy with sterile areas within it.

Our aim is to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible and your safety is paramount to us.


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